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Yes, I am back online and this time, Match is my pick. This is my second round and been here for a week and have not meet anyone due to crazy busy life. I am meeting the first guy on Monday(no, none of these).

Just funny to see those a bit crazy pics on people who use match are usually uptight, headshots, travel pics and rare to put silly pics out there.

Oh Asians…

Just because I am asian, it doesn’t mean I know any of martial arts. I like when people stereotyping asian. These are some of the lists:
- You know kung fu? (Yeah I wish)
- You love sushi! (Eh, it is alright..)
- You must be sooo smart (I have decent job from my degree, thank you)
- You massage really good huh? ( my ex said so, but I don’t do it for living)
- I don’t mind small boobs (before met - what the hell, he had no idea how uncomfortable I was growing up with bigger boobs than other asians)

That’s what I could think so far… Feel free to add more.

Date #2: Let’s watch a movie tonight.

I don’t want to explain date #2 much simply because we met, he looks nice, good looking but there is not much of sparks. I kinda lost interest the first half hour of meeting, he was just dreaming about having a girlfriend and whenever he said a gf, he pointed at me.

He wanted me to go to his house and “hang out and watch movie”. Dude, I am not stupid, I know that term. So I said no….

He asked me out after we got out from coffee shop. I said I want to take it really slow. The next day he asked me out. I said I had plans. He said, “looking for a better one?”. I didn’t answer…

Date #1: Bad Boy

This guy is the one texting me a lot about how we should sleep together asap (look on previous post). He just totally sweet talk all the way, I thought oh my gosh I am not get used to with sweet talk like this. I am weak with this: sweet talk, affectionate person

It was 2 AM and we walked out of the club. We went inside to my car, we talked for a while. He asked for a kiss, shouldn’t he just go for it? We kissed and made out, the windshield got steamy. We talked more and kissed more. “I have to stop…”, I thought.

He asked me to drop him off since he walked to the club, I gladly dropped him off. He wanted me to come inside, I could have say yes but I like him so I don’t want this to be one night stand so I said we should hang out again. He agreed and we made out again for few minutes. I left.

The next few days he texted me non stop about how he can’t wait to see me naked, I said “maybe”. Then he kinda pissed and said, “it is yes or no, not maybe”. I said, ” I want to take this slow”. He didn’t answer my text.

The next day, I had this urge want to see him and just screw the hell out of my feeling. I need to release my tension, so I texted him and said I want him to come over to my house.

Shockingly, he wanted me to pick him up and go to my house. I asked why, his answer was: I have a roommate, I had DUI, and I don’t own a car. And apparently he is high on drugs!

BAMM!! I was just reading his text over and over. I refused to pick him up and moved on to the next guy.

Few days later, he texted me and said he is getting a car. I told him that I am super super attracted to you but I don’t see this for long term and I don’t want to mess around again. He got upset and never text me since…..

Uh huh??
Went out to the club on Saturday night. wangerlust told me just to have a fun night. So I did -thanks dear. Some guys approached me but nothing really stands out, what a shallow mind I have….

Get bored while waiting for my friends, I checked my POF. I didn’t plan to meet a guy from POF but I messaged one of them said I am at H Bar, boom he was on the way wanted to see me.

I finally met him. He is HOT, his eyes just hypnotic, he is tall, atheltic and look younger than me even though he is 5 years older than me.

We text non stop since then, I can’t envision myself and him in the future due to his habits and he is a bad boy type. So we will see how this thing going.

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